Declutterfy your Life!

DeClutterfy your Life!

The Biggest Reasons You Need to Declutter Your House

You probably love your home and everything in it. So many of your possessions hold memories of wonderful times and wonderful people.  But there are times when we may have to admit that we just have too many things in our house. And that’s not a problem, it’s just a fact of life. Part of being alive is collecting little knick knacks to spruce up your life. But too much of these knick knacks can create clutter that makes your house messy, unorganized, and may even hurt your productivity and mental health. And you may not know how to handle this. It may seem overwhelming at first, and you may not know where to even start. But decluttering can help you free up your living space and enhance your mental health in several ways, and it’s easier than you think.

Decluttering is the process of removing unnecessary items from an untidy or overcrowded place. This process involves moving items in your house that aren’t important and storing them somewhere else or in a separate compartment. This can involve storage cabinets and compartments, or simply throwing away items and junk that is crowding your rooms and covering your floors. By identifying what is and isn’t necessary, you can declutter like a pro. And just in case you aren’t sold on this idea yet, here are ten ways that decluttering your home can vastly improve your productivity, mental health, and much more.

  1. Increased Productivity

We’ve all had times when there’s too much junk on our desks or in our home office and it just becomes too distracting. You can’t focus on the important work that you need to accomplish because you might feel claustrophobic in a messy environment, or simply because you’re fiddling with the things on your desk instead of working. Too much clutter can often make us lose our focus, get distracted, or even stop us from working entirely if left unchecked. But decluttering can help you get your drive and your motivation back. You can create a focused and fun environment that promotes efficiency and productivity for yourself, one where you are at your best every second of the day. Declutter and help yourself get the most out of your day without having to worry about everything in your way.

  1. Reduced Stress

Studies show that a cluttered home or room can increase our anxiety and make us feel stressed. This can build and build until it feels like you can’t even be in that space without feeling anxious. With decluttering, you can help to remove that stress and anxiety from your home by removing those stressors from the space entirely. Not to mention, the act of decluttering itself can be a very stress relieving process. Cleaning your house and removing the unnecessary things can put your mind at ease and make your heart content. With a peaceful and clean space, you can finally breathe easy in all of your home and truly enjoy yourself.

  1. Mental Clarity

It’s not a hidden fact that a cluttered space can often create a cluttered mind. If there are too many things in your house taking up your mental faculties, you have less mental strength to focus on the things that are important. By decluttering your physical space, you also free up that same space in your mind, granting you the mental clarity you so desperately desire. Your home should be a place of peace and clarity, and that simply isn’t possible with a cluttered room or a cluttered home. If you want to be your best self in every circumstance, you have to remember that a clean space makes a clean mind.

  1. Improved Organization

One of the worst things about clutter is how you can so easily end up losing track of the things you need, always at the most inconvenient time. How many times have we all lost our keys or our wallet because they had been buried somewhere in our room. Every time we wonder how it could possibly have ended up where it was, but it’s almost always the fact that we lost it because there are just too many things in our rooms. However, in a decluttered space, everything can finally have its own place. No more worrying about where you left those important work papers, no more stressing over where your keys went and how you just saw them five minutes ago and now they’re gone.  Now, you can have everything where it needs to be, and you can leave those unorganized days behind.

  1. The Aesthetic

We all want a home that screams our personality. We want a home that’s filled with things that represent us and show off the best parts of ourselves, and that’s wonderful. But if we’re being honest, a cluttered space is just ugly. Too many things just creates a space that feels messy and the clutter just doesn’t look appealing. But, in a decluttered home, the open space and the things that you keep can show off your personality more than a cluttered space. The things you keep and show off can show your personality clearly, and the open space really helps the palace breathe and keeps your home from becoming claustrophobic. Your house can look absolutely magical, the perfect place that makes you feel the happiest.

  1. Safety

Cluttered spaces can often cause safety problems. In a fire, a messy space that’s hard to walk through can be a hazard. Trying to find safety supplies can be extremely difficult in an emergency if what you’re looking for is behind piles of things you don’t need. But, with a clean and free house, everything you need to deal with an emergency can be in your hands at a moment’s notice. Your kids can know exactly where to find a fire extinguisher or an emergency phone, and you don’t have to worry about the split seconds that can be so vital in an emergency. With a decluttered space, you and your family can stay safe no matter what happens.

  1. Healthier Living

The clutter in your home can often end up gathering dust and bugs. Between allergens, pet dandruff, mold, and dust, a messy house can wreak havoc on your sinuses and your immune system if left unchecked. Clutter can be a breeding ground for many things that can be potentially harmful to you and your family. But, with a clean and decluttered space, you can remove the dust and allergens that may be negatively impacting you. You and your family can breathe easy in your home no matter the time of year, and you can easily clean any allergens or bacteria that show up in your home. It’ll leave you feeling happier and healthier than ever.

  1. Space and Functionality

A messy and cluttered room leaves you with almost no space to move around in your own home, and can severely limit the functionality of your rooms. A cluttered kitchen makes it difficult to cook meals effectively, a cluttered living room isn’t a great space for family activities, and a cluttered bedroom can be claustrophobic when you’re trying to sleep. A decluttered space, however, makes the most use of your rooms, giving them the space for anything and everything that you want to do. Whether your kids are playing in the living room or you’re cooking amazing meals in the kitchen, decluttering can help you and your family with it.

  1. Easy Cleaning

It may seem counterintuitive at first, but a messy space is harder to clean. It can be overwhelming at first, and you may not know where to even start. Do I clean the laundry, pick up the mess from the floors, or finally rearrange the closet? However, a clean, decluttered space is so much easier to clean and maintain. When everything has its own place in your house, you can easily fix anything that’s been misplaced. In a house with open and clean floors, you can easily spot any dirty areas and take out that grime quickly and effectively. A messy room can be overwhelming and stressful to clean, but a decluttered room is easy and efficient. And while that initial process might be hard, decluttering is here to help you and make the job easier afterwards.

  1. Mental Health

Finally, a decluttered space is just better for your mental wellbeing. It can be such a cathartic and rewarding experience to declutter your rooms and home. You can finally let go of your unnecessary possessions, clean up your floors and rooms and finally have a space that makes you feel happy. Decluttering can bring a sense of peace, joy, and accomplishment, something that is absolutely vital to your mental health and wellbeing.

            While decluttering is extremely helpful for everyone, it’s important to remember that decluttering doesn’t have to mean removing everything from your home. Doing so would just leave you with an empty and uninviting space that doesn’t showcase anything about you. It would be a house with nothing special, and that’s not good for your health either. Rather, decluttering is about balancing your possessions and your space, about creating a clean and organized living space that showcases yourself and aligns with your needs and priorities. It’s about making a space that makes your house feel like a home, a space where everything fits into place and just works. Decluttering can help bring that balance to you and your families life, and help you to live your best life.