Frequently Asked Questions

Quick answers to the most common questions

Our clean, well maintained, and secure facilities are always located on major highways and in convenient, highly visible retail areas. Our goal is to give our customers the very best service, convenience, professionalism, and quality storage available in the market today. We strive to continuously improve our business so we can improve your storage experience. And we pride ourselves on being the best and the nicest in town!

All rentals, including those occurring outside of business hours, can not be completed without a review by a staff member.

Customers should schedule their initial stop at the new storage space DURING business hours to ensure a quick and correct delivery of their FREE lock and to ensure that their new space is up to our high standards! We have a state of the art latching/locking system that is simple to use and typically requires little to no instruction. These examples may help.

If goods are to be placed in storage outside of normal business hours, please work to visit the site and retrieve your lock and secure the space PRIOR to delivery of your items. This will ensure that your unit, lock and gate code all work and that your access is ready. We are not always available outside of business hours, please keep this in mind when scheduling your trip.

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Office Hours

Mon–Fri: 9am–5:30pm

Sat: 9am–3pm

Sun: By Appointment

Gate Hours

Mon–Sun: 6am–9pm

Ask about 24/7 Access

We do not currently offer moving services of any kind and can not recommend or endorse any movers in any of the cities or areas where we operate. 

Any person offering recommendations or endorsements for any moving services is doing so WITHOUT THE CONSENT of Tigers Eye Self Storage.

Here are several links to websites that assist with finding local movers –  we expressly offer NO recommendation or endorsement:

NO! You store it! You lock it! You keep the key! We are proud to offer the highest security available in the industry today. Many of our locations use Cylinder Locks that avoid nearly all of the dangers associated with standard pad and disc locks.

Our Computerized Gate Access System allows authorized people in the secured areas of the property. Most of our locations are fenced and lit. Most of our locations are also equipped with video surveillance cameras.

For more information – Storage Tips

This allows your items to be stored as if they were still inside your home or office. All of our interior units provide a much higher quality of storage than your shed or attic might. Using our Heated & Cooled Units is almost like leaving your items right at home!

60°F to 80°F is the standard temperature range.

We have just the spaces for you! We offer Interior Standard Units with most of the same benefits as our Heated & Cooled Units, but at a much lower rate. All of our Interior Standard Units are behind exterior, insulated walls with weather sealed, recessed doors. These protect your furniture and other stored items from damaging rapid temperature changes. Also, having your items in a sealed and insulated structure protects against most bugs, dirt, and debris that often gather inside of other storage units. Ask about our Interior Standard Units when you call in today!

Yes! Our prices even beat the leading box stores in most areas! You can see what kind of supplies we offer and pick them up at our stores whenever you need them!

We accept all forms of payment. Including cash, checks, Mastercard®, Visa®, Discover®, and American Express®. We can even bill your credit or debit card automatically each month, if you wish. 

All of our locations accept online payments, payments via SMS and email and eChecks (ACH) as well.

Talk to your store about our Long Term Discounts! You can also contact us at (855) 466-6678 to learn about the specials we are currently offering!

NO REFUNDS ON NEW MOVE INS – All Rentals are a one (1) month minimum.

If there is a concern regarding the space or the property a refund MAY be available if the space has not been used. Any administrative costs are not refundable.

If a refund is warranted, the new customer MUST notify the store of any concerns PRIOR to using the space and on the same day as either the rental or the first visit to the property (must be within 5 days of the rental).

We will work to find a space that fits your needs perfectly in all cases. Please help us better understand these specific needs prior to requesting a refund.

Thank you for your business and for renting a unit! Did you know about our UNLIMITED $50 Discount Program?

FREE Truck Rental with Storage Unit Rental – Only available at Select Locations.

Welcome to Tigers Eye Self Storage! We’re glad to have you!

Thank you for renting with us! We appreciate your business. We here at Tigers Eye Self Storage strive to give you the best storage rental value for your money. We have recently made many upgrades to the location and have made your property better and easier to access!  In an effort to offer you the best value in town, we offer 24/7 gate access, high security door latches, surveillance cameras, wide driveways and many other amenities. Please find more information about our standard policies and options below!

Please remember that we offer many options for payments that are highly recommended as they save mailing costs and time for you! 

  1. Automatic payments using ACH / eChecks and Credit/Debit cards – All Accounts will have Autopay setup as the standard. All pricing assumes that Autopay will be used and all accounts that do not have Automatic Payments in place each month may be charged additional rent.
  2. Online Payments via using ACH / eChecks and Credit/Debit cards
  3. Over the phone payments using ACH / eChecks and Credit/Debit cards
    1. Paper/Physical payments in person or mail will incur a fee per payment.
    2. Mailed Checks, Money Orders, Travelers Checks, etc.
    3. Dropped payments Checks, Money Orders, Travelers Checks and in person payments ACH / eChecks, Checks, Money Orders, Travelers Checks, Credit/Debit cards, Cash.

Please be reminded that payments are counted as received when they are processed and fees will apply according to the processed date and that by using a payment method you authorize, without further notice, the future use of that or any other payment method used to pay any balance on my account for any and all future charges.

NO refunds on NEW RENTALS.

Store Manager, Tigers Eye Self Storage

  1. NO PARTIAL MONTH RENTALS:  All spaces are rented on a month-to-month basis with a one month minimum. The only pro-rated rent is the first month at move in. There will be no refunds on NEW RENTALS.
  2. PARTIAL PAYMENTS: Will not stop or change any legal actions or the schedule for any legal actions.
  3. RENT DUE DATE: Rent is due on the 1st of each month.  We do not send you an invoice reminding you that your rent is due.  However, for an additional fee per month, we can do so.  Please sign up for automatic payments, pay online or over the phone, mail or bring your payment to the office during or after hours.
    1. LATE CHARGES:  Late charges are as follows: 5 days late – $15.00 overlocking fee. 15 days late – $20.00 additional late fee. 31 days late – Lien Sale Process Begins and Lien Fees of $30 then $75 apply to your account
  4. LOCKS: This is your lock and you are responsible for all keys. If keys are lost, a fee to remove the lock and to purchase a new lock will be assessed to your account.
  5. INSURANCE: We DO NOT provide insurance on your contents.  It is the occupant’s responsibility to obtain such insurance and is required as part of the rental process.  If you already have insurance on your goods, you are required to list your insurance carrier. You have the option to complete an insurance enrollment form from an insurance provider specializing in Self Storage coverage that can be paid with your monthly payment.
  6. WHAT NOT TO STORE:  Do not store any hazardous materials, explosives, highly flammable goods, open food, living animals, liquids, or anything else which could cause damage to the storage facility or other Occupant’s property.  “Occupant hereby acknowledges that he has been advised by Owner not to allow stored goods or materials to directly contact concrete or wood floors or walls (wood pallets are suggested).  Occupant also acknowledges that he/she has been advised to cover all goods with plastic or other material to protect from dust, water, mildew, etc.”
  7. GATE HOURS:  The gate hours are 6 am -9 pm, 7 days a week. 24/7 access is available for an additional charge.
  8. EMERGENCY PURPOSES – CONTACT INFORMATION CHANGES: It is your responsibility to notify us in writing WHEN there are any changes to any of the information you provided to us at the time of rental.

It is very important that we have your correct email, phone numbers and mailing address AT ALL TIMES. Please use this form to update your contact information WHENEVER it changes.

I hereby authorize by making this and future payments and continuing my occupancy of my unit(s), without further notice, the future use of any payment method used to pay any balance on my account for any and all future charges. In the event that the terms outlined herein conflict with the Rental Agreement, the Rental Agreement shall govern.